Moira O'Deorain

Professor of Genetics


Office: SB543
Phone: 40 5X0 5X43


Welcome to my Oasis student resource page. I am Moira O'Deorain and I am a Professor of Genetics and Genetic Engineering here at Oasis University of Science and Technology. I was appointed the position of Minister of Genetics in 2072, and began teaching at OUST in an official capacity in 2073.

While my specialty is research and development, I simply could not turn down the opportunity to teach a new generation of scientists the wonders of genetics. Such controversial a subject, genetics has developed quite the unfortunate sordid reputation throughout history, and I would like a chance to make things right for this versatile and intriguing discipline.

When not on campus, I split my time between Oasis and Rome, spending about 2/3 of my time in Oasis teaching and researching and the other third in Rome for non-Oasis work.

(And yes, I have heterochromia.)


B.S. Molecular Biology, Catholic University Of Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
B.A. Japanese Language and Literature, Catholic University of Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Ph. D. Genetics with a specialization in Genetic Engineering, University of New Cairo, Egypt

Courses Taught

Advanced Genetics
Frontiers in Biological Research
Current Concepts and Dilemmas in Genetic Testing
Human Molecular Genetics


GENE 203 Advanced Genetics MWF Fall 2076
GENE 206 Epigenetics Fall 2076
GENE 315 Frontiers in Biological Research Fall 2076
GENE 338 Current Concepts and Dilemmas in Genetic Testing Fall 2076
GENE 471 Human Molecular Genetics Fall 2076


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