Welcome! Welcome to my webpage for Moira O'Deorain! You can click any of the links below to see any of the pages I've built for roleplaying Moira! These pages were made by me, coded from scratch in Notepad++; the artwork on them is either official artwork from Blizzard, such as the Talon logo and the screenshot of Oasis used on the Oasis webpage, or drawn by me, in the case of Moira's staff portrait.

These pages are best viewed on a desktop on Firefox, but they all should work on mobile (though some pages admittedly look better than others, lol) too.

The information on these pages is dated (as of September 2021) and may not accurately reflect my Moira headcanons. Additionally, I'm in the process of rewriting these pages to make them less... "I'm 20 and I just learnt about genetics for the first time beyond middle school biology," and also to fix the outdated/bad form coding.

Ministry of Genetics Webpage — the webpage for the Ministry of Genetics introducing Moira as their new Minister, with a short blurb/bio.

Oasis staff webpage — a webpage designed to look like a staff webpage for Professor Moira O'Deorain at the Oasis University of Science and Technology.

Curriculum Vitae — Moira's CV as she would present it on her own personal website; includes her work and research history.

Talon's Dossier on Moira (PDF) — a dossier written as if it is the information about Moira as gathered by Talon.

Banshee Moira Dossier — made originally for a roleplay server I ended up not staying in, a dossier focusing on banshee Moira.

Swap AU Moira Webpage — for a swap AU server, a page designed to look like Moira's profile on an official Overwatch website.