Moira O'Deorain

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A complete write-up on Moira O'Deorain, compiled by Talon starting in April 20XX and completed 18 months later in September 20XX. The information contained within this file is confidential. Authorized viewers only. If a non-authorized user is found to have accessed this information, they will be terminated on the spot. For privacy, some information may have been redacted.


Moira O'Deorain is a member of the Talon Inner Council, having joined Talon in 20XX and immediately being accepted as a Council Member. She is 48 years old (born October 31st, 20XX) and believed to be in generally poor health.

Her known associates within Talon include the Reaper, Subject: Sigma, the Widowmaker, and Maximilien. Outside of Talon, her primary associations appear to be within the community at Oasis, with residents including the other Ministers.

According to public record, O'Deorain's permanent residence is 1200 Sunset Avenue, BLDG F, APT #413 in Oasis. She is an Oasis Minister, heading the Ministry of Genetics, and works one semester a year as a professor at the Oasis University of Science and Technology as a professor of Genetics. She has worked in this position for X years and makes approximately 54,000 USD per year.

O'Deorain is known to have residences in Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Monaco, the United States, Japan, and Russia. More than half of these properties were acquired through Talon under a false identity, with only her residences in Monaco and Ireland being ones she owns under her own name. The Monaco residence was won from Maximilien in a game of poker played at Casino Monaco in 207X.

As of September 20XX, O'Deorain is considered a very low flight risk and consequently extremely trustworthy.

Physical Appearance

O'Deorain is a tall, thin individual standing at 6'5" and weighing roughly 70kg (155lbs). They have red hair, fair skin, and exhibit heterochromia, with the right eye being red and the left eye blue. In terms of their face, they have an angular nose and a strong, defined jawline. There are a number of freckles and moles present on their body, with the highest concentrations being on their shoulders and arms, though they are noted to be faintly visible on their face and legs as well.

Due to numerous run-ins with various illnesses, O'Deorain has a large amount of scars present on her body. The most notable are a scar on her forehead above her left eye, the mastectomy scar on the right side of her chest, and a hysterectomy scar. There are also numerous smaller scars from wounds acquired in her line of work as a combat medic during the Omnic Crisis, in Blackwatch, and in Talon, as well as from more minor medical procedures to remove things such as unusual moles or tumors found to be suspicious given her history of cancer.

Their right arm is a significant point of interest. The skin is purple in appearance and cool to the touch, and the hair there is sparse and pale compared to the rest of their body. The cybernetic enhancements made to restore their ability to operate the limb are visible through their skin in an unusually rigid pattern from their fingertips to their mid-upper arm, though the purple color is present up to their shoulder and partially onto their chest, shoulder, and back.

Aside from this, they appear a very typical adult individual.

Personal Life

Outside of Talon, O'Deorain is the Minister of Genetics in the city of Oasis. In addition to being the head of Genetics Research in Oasis, they are also a Professor of Genetics at the Oasis University of Science and Technology. Their contract dictates that they must teach at least one class per semester at OUST at least one semester per year, though every year so far they have taught at least 3 with a maximum of 5, in addition to producing a minimum of 6 hours of free educational content for Oasis' free online education program.

While Oasis provides many goods and services at no cost to its residents, it has been noted that O'Deorain owns a car (a yellow Volkswagen Beetle) and keeps it in a garage, despite taking public transportation virtually everywhere she has to go. She is known to barter with her neighbors for goods and services and appears to be on good terms with most, if not all, of them. In addition, O'Deorain imports a large number of foreign goods, namely alcohol (which is more expensive and harder to come by in the city) and properly fitting clothes.

Outside of Oasis, it seems O'Deorain spends most of their time in the Talon facility in Rome, where they have both an on-base accommodation as well as their own apartment in the city. While both sets of keys for their apartment are in use, it's not clear who has the other set. This is considered low priority.

An in-depth assessment of her life has lead Talon to conclude that O'Deorain is low flight risk and likely incredibly loyal to the Talon cause.

O'Deorain is not known to be in any kind of long-term romantic relationship and has identified no significant other. Searches of her personal devices including her personal computers and cellular phones have yielded no evidence to the contrary.

Early Life

Moira O'Deorain, (born Máire Bernadette Crowley) was born on October 31st, 2031 in Dublin, Ireland. They are an identical twin, and the younger of the two; they have no siblings other than their twin sister. According to information retrieved by Sombra, the twins were originally a single designer baby initially selected by the Crowleys for their hair (red) and eye color (blue), along with their strong propensity for high intelligence.

O'Deorain's parents are Liam and Caitlin Crowley. They are both still alive, though it is believed that they are estranged (see the Family section) from O'Deorain. They are not estranged from their other daughter, Evelyn Grace O'Malley.

Liam Crowley is from the Crowley family of musicians, himself being a violinist and composer in line with the family history of producing talented musicians. His most famous composition, Retribution, is considered a modern classic and one of the most famous works of the 21st century. He is also known for composing music for a number of prolific documentaries, as well as for his violin solo compositions.

Caitlin Crowley is from an independently wealthy family and works as in international marketing for a major athletic clothing brand. Exactly where her family's money actually comes from is unknown, but it is believed to be accumulated by illicit means. There are no records of anyone in her family holding any kind of job that would realistically result in the millions of dollars that were passed down to Mrs. Crowley upon her parents' untimely death.

While her permanent residence was established in Ireland, she is known to have spent at least part of her childhood in Adelaide, Australia. O'Deorain had, by birth, dual Australian and Irish citizenship, but this is no longer the case. It is not clear if their Australian citizenship was somehow terminated or voluntarily renounced.


O'Deorain's relationship with her family is believed to be completely nonexistent. No records of any contact has been found past 204X, approximately three months before the date of O'Deorain's first marriage. A cursory search of Evelyn Grace O'Malley (née Crowley)'s socials found no evidence to the contrary, nor any suggestion that any evidence to the contrary might exist-- it appears that the two sisters are completely estranged. There is a similar lack of data regarding O'Deorain's parents; it appears that none of the rest of the Crowley family has spoken to her in more than 25 years.

She is not known to have any other family. Public records indicate that both her maternal and paternal grandparents are deceased. Her parents' siblings are also deceased, though records indicate that O'Deorain was never particularly close with any of them past her childhood. The only relationship appears to have been with her maternal great-aunt, Bláithín Magorrian, with whom O'Deorain was closely acquainted until Magorrian's death in 205X.

O'Deorain has no partner and no children, despite her 10-year marriage to Richard O'Deorain. According to the court record, Moira alleged that her inability to give him children was the reason for their separation. The official reason accepted by the court was fraud and entering a marriage with the intention to defraud Mr. O'Deorain.

Physical Health

O'Deorain is believed to be in generally poor health.

Medical records indicate that O'Deorain has been hospitalized nearly a dozen times in the last 12 months for various ailments or procedures to correct ailments. Things that would not normally incapacitate another person tend to impact O'Deorain more harshly-- she has been hospitalized for complications related to the flu multiple times (despite her claims as well as official hospital records indicating that she did indeed receive the flu shot.)

Dating as far back as her birth, O'Deorain reports to have been in poor health-- starting with issues sleeping and eating as an infant, to being diagnosed with retinoblastoma (childhood cancer of the eye) as a toddler, O'Deorain reports that her life has been riddled with bouts of illness resulting in multiple medium- to long-term hospital stays. Various records retrieved from these institutions suggest that it was believed by medical staff that the Crowleys' treatment of their child had something to do with her constant illness, but no form of intervention appears to have ever been put into action.

As a result of treatment for retinoblastoma, their left eye was removed and replaced with a cybernetic eye in order to preserve their vision. O'Deorain reports that this cybernetic eye has been updated and replaced several times since childhood to accommodate their growth and that their current model is from 206X. They have indicated no interest in more advanced models which allow for night vision, thermal imaging, magnification, etc. multiple times, despite explanations of how this could be useful to both her work as a scientist and as a Talon operative.

O'Deorain has identified herself as intersex, having been diagnosed with XY gonadal dysgenesis (Swyer Syndrome) as a teenager after failing to start puberty. Shortly after, she was prescribed HRT and had surgery to remove her streak gonads, a typical treatment for the disorder.

She reports that, in her twenties, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and had a mastectomy done on her right breast. Additional tissue believed to be pre-cancerous was removed from her left breast. According to O'Deorain, she never had the time or motivation to have any kind of reconstruction done on either breast.

She has also indicated that she had a hysterectomy done in 205X, though gave no reason for this procedure.

Additional information on O'Deorain's physical health can be found in file 2047393B.

Mental health

O'Deorain declined to give any information on their mental health and self-reported as being "healthy as a horse." Information gathered from various sources including leaked documents from Overwatch, Blackwatch, and Oasis suggest that this is largely untrue. It appears that they have declined mental and behavioral health services from every institution which has offered it to her since starting university in 204X.

According to medical records dating back to her childhood, O'Deorain was diagnosed with ADHD at 1X years old. Her parents declined medication, so she was moved to intense therapy in hopes that she would develop coping skills to curb symptoms of the disorder.

At some other point after leaving her parents' home, she was diagnosed with bipolar II, and medicated accordingly. Her 90 day mood stabilizer prescription was filled twice and then never again.

It is speculated by Talon medical staff that O'Deorain's ADHD diagnosis was likely incorrect and that a treatment plan catered to an individual with autism spectrum disorder may have been more useful to her as a teen.

O'Deorain has indicated to medical staff that "if anything is wrong with [her], it hasn't killed [her] yet," and that she would prefer to not take any medication. She also declined counseling and other behavioral health services offered by Talon.


It is known that O'Deorain engaged in unethical self-experimentation while working at Overwatch.

They report that they used leaked and other declassified information from the Soldier Enhancement Project to further their own research on gene editing, improving upon methods pioneered by the doctors working on the SEP.

O'Deorain reports that the Soldier Enhancement Project was incredibly flawed, but had its merits: she was able to engineer a new way to edit the cells to insert the desired genes, derived from how the titular Enhancement was accomplished. It was highly effective, and is the basis for the process used in genetic experimentation performed by Talon today.

The downside was that she began to suffer from some of the side effects of the SEP failing: her own cells began to decay and regenerate at an accelerated rate, leaving her in a constant state of discomfort. While the damage was localized to her right arm, O'Deorain began to experience extreme pain in the limb, and the tendons became stiff, rendering her unable to move her wrist or fingers.

With cybernetic enhancements, O'Deorain eventually regained use of her right arm, but still has trouble firmly grasping objects and cannot lift anything heavier than 15 pounds.

Richard O'Deorain

Information about Richard O'Deorain was given freely by O'Deorain in an interview during the initial Talon onboarding process.

Moira Crowley met Richard O'Deorain, an international real estate magnate descended from the famous O'Deorain family of billionaires, in New York City while studying abroad during her undergraduate degree. He owned the building that she and her roommate lived in for the duration of the semester. She reports that she was 19 and he was 36 when they met; he attempted to bond with her over their shared Irish heritage and speaking of the language, though Moira O'Deorain reported that his grasp of the language was tenuous at best.

Moira O'Deorain reports that after her semester in New York City, Richard O'Deorain followed her home to Dublin, and then again to Osaka, Japan, where he proposed to her after knowing her for 8 months. They were married before she turned 20.

Moira O'Deorain reports that Richard O'Deorain was not an exceptionally terrible husband, but wasn't a particularly good one, either. She denied the presence of any physical abuse but stated that Richard O'Deorain could be "pushy" and "wanted [her] to like what he wanted her to like," and that he cared very little for her personal interests.

Over the course of their nearly a decade-long marriage, Moira O'Deorain funneled €29m EUR ($32.5m USD) from Richard O'Deorain's accounts in order to privately fund her own research. She reports that Richard knew that she was setting this money aside for reasons related to her research, and that he approved of the notion; an investigation by Talon returned inconclusive results.

Regardless, after Moira O'Deorain's disavowal from Overwatch, Richard O'Deorain became irate at her and filed for an annulment of their marriage, stating that Moira O'Deorain had intended to defraud him from the start and only married him to gain access to his fortune.

Following his petition for annulment of their marriage, Moira O'Deorain claimed that his reasons for filing were equally fraudulent, and that Richard O'Deorain had pursued her and was only interested in ending their marriage because he had discovered she was infertile. The court ultimately ruled in Richard O'Deorain's favor and granted the annulment.

Moira O'Deorain maintains that he filed for separation because her self-experimentation had altered her body in a way he no longer found attractive. She adds that she was suffering from low libido due to depression, which she also believes contributed to his frustration. She claims that using her disavowal from Overwatch and unethical self-experimentation was used a cover for these problems, which he was afraid would make him "look shallow."

Richard O'Deorain would go on to marry another Irish woman with heterochromia less than 6 months after their separation.

Moira O'Deorain reported no strong feelings surrounding her ex-husband, but did ask more than once if Talon would consider sending the Widowmaker after him.

Education and Certifications

O'Deorain attended a private mixed-gender preparatory school in Ireland for her entire education up to university. Her undergraduate degree was completed at the Catholic University of Dublin, where she double majored in Molecular Biology and Japanese Language and Literature.

In 205X, O'Deorain passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) at an N1 level. This was her second language certification-- because they identify Irish as their first/primary language, they have also taken the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and have a certification stating that they speak English at a C2 level.

They completed their graduate degree remotely from the University of New Cairo in 205X, earning a PhD in Genetics with a specialization in Gene Editing, graduating with distinction.

In addition, O'Deorain is known to be auditing classes for various subjects at the University in Oasis, though she has indicated no interest in earning any additional degrees.

It should be noted that all of O'Deorain's degrees have been revoked by the issuing institutions in light of the controversy in 205X. The backlash was so strong that she was even denounced by the preparatory school she attended as a teenager.