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Moira O'Deorain

Known Aliases: Rosalind, Jude Callsign: Fate
Age/Birthday: 48, Unknown Gender: Other
Height: 6'4" (194cm) Weight: 145lbs (111kg)
Hair: Red Eyes: Blue(L), Red(R)

Personal information

  • Her birthname is Máire Anne Crowley.
  • She and her sister were artificially selected, with the embryos (donor eggs artificially inseminated with donor sperm) screened for one with red hair and blue eyes. The selected embryo was implanted into a surrogate, and resulted in identical twins.
  • She was born on October 31st, and is the younger twin. Her sister, Evelyn Grace Crowley, is a nurse. Records indicate she still lives in Dublin, and is married to a doctor at her hospital.
  • Her parents are Australian-Irish; they were the descendants of Irish immigrants, born in Australia. They moved to Ireland in the 2000s and have lived there ever since.
  • Her father, Liam, is a famous composer and violinist who has toured all around the globe. He comes from the Crowley family, known for their history of talented musicians around the globe.
  • Her mother, Caitlin, is also from an independently wealthy family, and works in international marketing for a major sports clothing brand.
  • She was once, but no longer identifies as, Catholic.

Physical health

  • She has cancer which has metastasized to nearly every part of her body. Her first diagnosis of cancer was retinoblastoma (a rare childhood cancer of the eye) as an infant, and then she was diagnosed with gonadoblastoma as a teen (with a following diagnosis of Swyer syndrome), and then breast and uterine cancer as an adult.
  • Everything following breast cancer is presumed to be the result of self-experimentation regarding her cellular regeneration technology. It is believed she was genetically predisposed to cancer initially, and the experimentation lead to further, increased development.
  • Known forms of cancer include: Uterine cancer (resulting in a hysterctomy), retinoblastoma (resulting in removal and cybernetic replacement of the eye), cancer in the lymph nodes (resulting in a lymphectomy), breast cancer (resulting in a unilateral mastectomy and lumpectomy on the other breast), lung cancer, throat cancer, bone cancer, leukemia, cancer of the stomach, cancer of the kidneys, bladder cancer. These are what she is known to have sought treatment for.
  • At some point or another, she regularly used cocaine. She is not known to have used any other drugs.
  • She is a heavy smoker, and drinks regularly.
  • Her right arm only works as a result of cybernetics. She cannot lift anything heavier than 10 pounds.

Mental health

  • Known illnesses (diagnosed): ADHD, depression
  • Suspected illnesses (undiagnosed): Autism, bipolar disorder, addictive personality type
  • O'Deorain has repeatedly refused therapy from numerous organizations, including, but not limited to: Overwatch, Blackwatch, and Oasis.


  • Catholic University Of Dublin | Dublin, Ireland (2043-2047)
    • B.S. Molecular Biology
    • B.A. Japanese Language and Literature
    • Semester abroad in New York City, New York
    • Semester abroad in Tokyo, Japan
    • Semester abroad in Osaka, Japan
  • University of New Cairo | New Cairo, Egypt (2047-2053)
    • Ph. D. Genetics with a specialization in Genetic Engineering
    • Multiple semesters abroad in Japan

Languages spoken

  • Native spoken and written Irish
  • Fluent spoken and written English (CEFR: C2)
  • Fluent spoken and written Japanese (JLPT N1, score 171/180)
  • Intermediate spoken German (CEFR: B1)
  • Beginner's spoken and written Modern Standard Arabic

Richard O'Deorain

  • Máire Anne Crowley met Richard O'Deorain while studying abroad in New York City. He owned the building she and her roommate lived in. She was 19 at the time, while he was 35.
  • He bonded with her over both of them being Irish speakers, though Moira's was native and fluent and his was awkward and his third language. This was a tool of manipulation to forge a relationship with her and encourage her to be alone with him.
  • Richard had recently gotten divorced from his wife of over 15 years, and had a daughter 5 years younger than Moira.
  • Over the course of their 9 year marriage, Moira stole €29m EUR ($32.5m USD) from him, which she used to fund the research she could not secure public funding for.
  • Moira had multiple surgeries to remove cancerous growths from her body without Richard's knowledge, including her mastectomy and hysterectomy.
  • When Richard found out about her theft, he did not initially file for anullment of their marriage, but did eventually do so about a week after the initial reveal.
  • Court records indicate that Moira accused him of only filing due to her infertility. Official records indicate the marriage was annulled as it was based on false pretenses, and theft.