Moira O'Deorain

Oasis Minister of Genetics


Molecular biology student turned to medicine and gene therapy in the wake of the Omnic Crisis, eventually pioneering a brand new form of regenerative medicine of not only forcing cellular regeneration, but reversing cell death entirely. Exceptional work history ranging from research and development to function as a combat medic. Extraordinary success in research with multiple published articles detailing new forms of genetic engineering.


  • 25+ years dedicated to the research of genetics
  • Head of Biomedical Sciences at Overwatch for 15 years
  • Certification of fluency in Irish, English, and Japanese


  • Developed a improved form of gene therapy now used in treatment for genetic diseases across the globe
  • Worked as an intern developing regenerative medicine techniques using iPSC stem cells for use in the battlefield with the original Overwatch strike team
  • Appointed head of the Biomedical Science Division of Overwatch (peacetime organization) for 2 years, Blackwatch for 13 (15 years total)
  • Operated as a combat medic for Blackwatch, developing a kit for utilizing regenerative technology in the field


Overwatch | Intern in the Biomedical Sciences division | Dublin, Ireland (204X-205X)
  • Worked in close quarters with other scientists to create new technologies for the use of Overwatch
  • Involved with numerous scientific studies based in and around genetics and genetic engineering
Overwatch | Head of Biomedical Sciences | Cairo, Egypt (205X-205X)
  • Worked in close quarters with other scientists to create new technologies for the use of Overwatch
  • Developed regenerative medicine technology for use in combat
  • Created new and more secure and efficient ways to handle sensitive information within the company
  • Researched innovative biomedical technology as part of a team
Blackwatch | Head of Biomedical Sciences | Rome, Italy (205X-206X)
  • Developed regenerative medicine technology for use in combat
  • Responsible for the health of Blackwatch operatives on and off the field, functioning as both a medic and a medical doctor
  • Conducted research and development of new regenerative technologies for use of both Blackwatch and Overwatch proper
Oasis Ministry | Minister of Genetics | Oasis, Iraq (207X-present)
  • Oversaw all genetics-related research in Oasis, including creating and implementing policies concerning ethics and safety
  • Developed guidelines for regenerative biomedical science research within Oasis in conjuction with other Ministers
Oasis University of Science and Technology | Professor of Genetics | (207X-present)
  • Oversaw the entire Genetics department as the Minister of Genetics
  • Researched new concepts to integrate into the biology curriculum
  • Instructed classes of up to 100 students
  • Created coursework designed to measure and challenge students' understanding of Genetics, molecular biology, and biomedical science
  • Collaborated with professors and universities around the world to make 500+ hours of free, accessible course content geared at learners of all ages


Catholic University of Dublin | Dublin, Ireland (204X-204X)
  • Bachelor of Science - Molecular Biology
  • Bachelor of Arts - Japanese Language and Literature
  • Semester abroad in New York City, New York
  • Semester abroad in Tokyo, Japan
  • Semester abroad in Osaka, Japan
University of New Cairo | New Cairo, Egypt (204X-205X)
  • Ph.D - Genetics with a specialization in Genetic Engineering
  • Multiple semesters abroad in Osaka, Japan

Language certifications

  • Native spoken and written Irish
  • Fluent in spoken and written English (CEFR: C2)
  • International Business level spoken and written Japanese (JLPT N1, score 171/180)
  • Intermediate spoken and written German (CEFR: B1)
  • Beginner's spoken and written Modern Standard Arabic


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