the Banshee


Legend has it that before she became the Banshee, she was a normal human, and a friend of the woman who later became the Witch. They were as close as two friends could be, until she died in a tragic accident just months before the Witch's end. From then on she was burdened with the knowledge of her beloved's demise, but cursed to never be able to warn her. However, as the Witch never truly died, the Banshee could never leave...


Name: the Banshee, Moira
Species: Banshee, Human (formerly)
Age: 150+ years (presumably)
Sex: Ostensibly female
Shape: Human
Magic: Varied


Keening — At night, the Banshee will stray in the woods and herald the deaths of the people in the Aldersbrunne, as well as mourn the death of the woman who became the Witch. The sound of her crying brings a blanket sense of unease to all that hear it, as it foretells the death of someone within their community.

Banshee’s Touch — the Banshee has the ability to drain the life from others by simply grabbing and digging her nails into their flesh. It is a slow, torturous process, and often results in the victim feeling physically exhausted and emotionally numb.

Fade — she has the ability to take on a non-human form, dematerializing in a shroud of black and purple smoke and reappearing up to 15 meters away in any direction, providing a clear line of sight is available.


  • The Sailor's Bonnet- the Gloaming
  • I Don't Think About You Anymore But, I Don't Think About You Anyless - Hungry Ghosts
  • Les feuilles mortes - Joseph Kosma
  • the tryst after death - the ollam
  • Sea Tune - Elephant Sessions
  • The Knife - Talisk
  • My Lady Who Has Found the Tomb Unattended (A bhean fuair faill ar an bhfeart) - the Gloaming
  • The Booley House - The Gloaming


The Witch - Her best friend in life, the Witch is no longer someone the Banshee can recognize, but she doesn’t dare accuse her of changing because... well, of course she has.

The Lord - While he tolerates her presence in his Kingdom, the Banshee feels he doesn't like her very much. It's her suspicion that he's only neutral toward her to keep her from leaving his faction and joining the Witch once again.

The Lord's Kingdom - While they aren't particularly fond of the Banshee, she heralds the death of one of their own, and they appreciate her warning as much as they resent her existence and shrieking into the empty night.

The Reaper - Moira swears she must have known him in her previous life, but the Banshee can't be sure. He's there, sometimes, when she stalks around at night... but she doesn't know much about him.

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