About me

Hi! Welcome to my website and, more specifically, my about page. My name is Éinín; I'm 21 years old, I live on the east coast, and I've been writing and drawing my whole life. This website is, of course, specifically dedicated to my work I've done roleplaying as Moira O'Deorain from Overwatch, but this page is designed to tell you more about me!

I have been writing since I was a kid... the first fandom I remember being in/roleplaying in was the Warrior Cats fandom when I was 7-8 years old. I had OCs and wrote fanfiction with them, and later found out how to navigate forums to write my cats with other people. I've basically been writing and roleplaying on and off ever since, so for maybe 13 years? A very long time.

You can read samples of my writing on my AO3 account! I write primarily third person, past tense, but I can work in present tense if you prefer. I have no strong preference myself as long as I get to write! I bang out maybe a couple of replies per day if I'm really feeling it. Roleplaying is my main hobby, but it is still a hobby.

Outside of roleplaying, I like to draw, bake/cook, do simple web design (I made all the pages on this website!), and collect Overwatch merch that isn't Funko pops.